Vegitecture is in; Green Walls with Nesting Boxes Best for Urban Areas

How do you turn an eyesore of a building into a beautiful visual spectacle?  Try Vegitecture! Let’s show you an example. Designed by Capella Garcia Arquitectura, this new effort at Vegitecture brings in the concept of blending landscape with buildings. What we have here is a vegitecture attempt fromBarcelona, on a bare blank wall left when an adjacent building was destroyed.

The designers transformed this ugly surface with a freestanding 21-meter-tall galvanized steel structure and lush green plants were planted on this wall.

Prefabricated galvanized steel frames were constructed on site and possessed an interior set of stairs that provide easy access to the various levels of platforms easier than standard living walls.

It is combined with an embedded pulley system used to transport maintenance materials. This method reduces the expense to hire elevated cranes each time for keeping regular vertical gardens alive.

Lush green plants were provided with drip irrigation and controlled drainage ensured to limit water consumption.  Fertilizers were also supplied in programmed doses.

The designers also equipped this building with nesting boxes so as to provide shelter for urban birds. Really cool, right?

Well, we think such living walls are adaptable in urban areas, and they could provide for a visual treat along with bringing in environmental benefits.  Try this out in your locality?

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