Used Nappies Turn Park Benches in Scotland

You are familiar with many recycled materials like worn out dresses, plastic bottles or pop cans. But have you ever heard of recycling nappies? Yes, diapers too can be recyclable.

A new recycling scheme in Scotland is aiming to collect used diapers and turn them into park benches, garden furniture, decking, bollards, railway sleepers, fencing, roof tiles and cardboard.

Other bathroom waste like incontinence products, wet wipes, nappy sacks and cotton wool are also recyclable.

The recycling project is funded by Zero Waste Scotland and the scheme will be trialed within four Scottish councils – Fife, Stirling, Perth and Kinross and North Lanarkshire, which include around 36,000 homes.

The project will run for six months, and if successful, it will be taken nationwide.

It is estimated that a baby in Scotland uses on average 4.16 nappies per day and less than 10% are reusable and around 450,000 nappies are dumped every day in Scotland landfills.

According to Iain Gulland from Zero Waste Scotland, turning nappies and other absorbent hygiene products into products like decking and benches might sound surprising, but putting them to good use is far better than sending them to landfill.

It is great that new technologies help us to recycle more materials. By applying new methods we can reuse our waste and treat it as a valuable resource with the potential to boost our economy.

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