US Beaches Filthy; Leave 3.5 Million People Sick Every Year

The most developed of nations tends to be the most irresponsible. Though this could sound too strong a statement, a new report provides us with the fodder to believe so. If you aren’t convinced, take a walk along the beaches in theUS. It has been found that the dirty beaches in the US are responsible for making around 3.5 million people sick year after year!

The reason for the beaches turning dirty is the sewage levels in the water. Or so says an annual study by the Natural Resources Defense Council.  The study looked at around 3,000 beaches across theUSand came up with the results that are shocking.

Pollution rankings of the beaches ended up listing as many as 15 repeat offenders. As per the report, they included four beaches in Louisiana, Avalon and Doheny State Beaches in southern California, and select waterfront beaches in Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Wisconsin.

Water pollution by way of bacteria and human waste dumping made these beaches the dirtiest among the many. In fact, last year saw the administration issuing closure notices and water quality memos to a big number of beaches.

The bacteria and human waste in the water make people who frequent these beaches sick. Cases of waterborne illnesses, skin rashes, pink eye, ear nose and throat problems, dysentery, hepatitis, respiratory ailments, neurological disorders have been reported.

Going by the report, the highest number of dirty samples stood at 29 percent for Louisiana during 2011. The ranking was based on bacteria sampling in the waters.

It was also found thatAmerica’s beaches receive polluted storm water with more than 10 trillion gallons of untreated water each year.

The beaches and the waters that snuggle up to them need to live on for the future generations too. Wonder why people are so irksomely irresponsible!


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