This Solar Powered Battery Can Come in Handy During Emergencies

In disaster prone countries like Japan, you always need to be prepared for emergency situations like earthquakes and tsunamis. As had been proved earlier, a powerful tsunami or earthquake is capable of cutting off power supply in an entire region. Such emergency situations call for portable power supply so as to continue with relief and rescue operations. What else but solar power could be the perfect source of power in such situations.

A new mobile solar battery system has been introduced in the Japanese market by tent manufacturer Taiyo Kogyo Corporation and visual products and services provider OS Co, Ltd. This mobile solar battery system is dubbed WINGSOL MSR-110B.

The WINGSOL MSR-110B is a combination of a solar unit and a battery unit, where the solar part is a flexible solar panel sheet. Due to its flexibility it is easy to roll up the solar panel in seconds and it will charge the battery in sufficient sunlight. All you need is a clear sun.

You can also use the battery as a standalone power source in case of requirement by separating the solar unit and battery unit.

The only disadvantage of the battery system  is its high price which is around $7,612 which makes the system out of reach from normal people.

We hope the manufacturers will understand this problem and will try to reduce the price.

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