Tata Electric Vehicle Coming Up; May Cost Less Than $20,000

Tata, manufacturer of the world’s most affordable car Tata Nano, is now trying to achieve another goal. This time the company is planning an electric car.

In collaboration with France’s Dassault Systèmes, the company is trying to manufacture an electric car and planning to sell it for about $20,000 which is around Rs 10 lakh.

The EV is currently under development.

We hear the company is working with Dassault to meet numerous design and cost constraints of the EV.

The company is to leverage the talent of Dassault in making a vehicle that targets a final price tag of $20,000.

Unfortunately, more details are not available about the upcoming vehicle as yet. It is expected that the vehicle would be the size of the Tata Indica EV. But it seems that Tata has not come up with an end design so far.

We can’t say more about the specifications or even the targeted launch date. But it is nice to see the efforts of the company towards making EVs more viable.

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