Stella McCartney Insists Guests Arrive in Hybrid Cars for Fashion Event

Stella McCartney is a well known name in the fashion industry. There is no doubt that Stella is talented. She is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatles member and the late photographer and animal rights activist, Linda McCartney.

This renowned fashion designer is also famous as a supporter of the environment. Reportedly, on her latest presentation, she wanted all her guests to arrive in hybrid cars.

Earlier this week, Stella showed off her new Resort line in New York City. The designer threw a garden party for the event which became glamorized with the presence of celebrities like Jim Carrey, Solange Knowles and Emily Mortimer.

It has been said that the eco-friendly designer had strict instructions about how her guests should be ferried to the bash. A source revealed that she will send hybrid cars to pick up her celebrity guests.

She is a veteran animal lover and campaigns for animal welfare and refuses to use fur or leather in her collections. She has previously made a vegan-friendly range of pieces with 100% organic materials named CARE.

Her new resort line includes bell bottom trousers in candy shades, houndstooth suits and jackets and long pleated skirts.

Her achievements in the fashion world are highly praiseworthy and it is good to hear that she supports the environment and eco-friendly life style.

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