R.I.P. Lonesome George; The World Will Miss You

Lonesome George, the world’s last remaining Pinta Island tortoise has died last week. With the death of George, a rare group of species has completely vanished from the surface of the earth.

Lonesome George was a Pinta Island tortoise, and he was the last of this breed. After his death, the species is lost to the world forever. The Galapagos archipelago, including Pinta, is home to some of the rarest and most distinctive species on the earth.

The death of George makes clear the increasing human encroachment into the lives of wildlife species of late. Once, the island includes different types of tortoise. But goats were introduced by natives that lead to the end of vegetation in the island and unique subspecies of tortoise were wiped out.

Until 1971, Pinta tortoises were believed to be extinct and then Lonesome

George was found. Since George was the only animal of its species,  conservationists and the entire world rallied for its preservation.

The tortoise was accompanied by females of closely related species in the hope that its unique DNA will pass on to its hybrid offspring. But all the attempts proved ineffective on that front.

With the passing of Lonesome George, it is again a tragic remembrance of human activities that affect other living creatures in the environment.

R.I.P George! We will miss you.

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