PETA Wishes Paul McCartney Happy Birthday in Unique Style

PETA celebrated Paul McCartney’s birthday on June 18 by recreating the famous Abbey Road Beatles cover.  On his 70th birthday, four volunteers of PETA dressed up as chicken, cow, pig and lamb posed across a zebra cross with carrying signs which reads “Happy Birthday, Paul! Thank You for Loving Us, Not Eating Us.”

Paul McCartney, the famous musician and former Beatle member, is also a veteran animal rights activist. He has been a vegetarian from the last 40 years and a huge supporter of the animal rights organization.

Paul was actually inspired by his late wife Linda, who authored several vegetarian cook books. Together, the couples supported campaigns by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. After her death, McCartney continued his animal activism. And apart from his activities he was the founder of the successful “Meatless Mondays” campaign and author of a vegetarian cookbook.

According to PETA, Paul had taken many efforts to help animals during his legendary career and therefore he deserves a celebration.

On this special occasion, PETA UK has also decided to distribute free copies of its “Glass Walls” DVD to his fans those might gather on Abbey Road and in Liverpool to honor  the musician. The Glass Walls was narrated by McCartney himself.

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