Outdoor Library in Belgian Vineyard is Ultimately Inviting

The digital world has influenced us in every single way of life. But, there are some experiences that digital media cannot provide. One such experience is book reading. Though e-readers are here, the experience remains yet to be dented by technology. What about reading an old classic in a beautiful vineyard?

Yes!  The historic St. Peter’s Abbey Vineyard in Ghent, Belgium, has received a new addition to it –  a Bookyard. This beautiful Bookyard was installed by the Italian artist Massimo Bartolini as part of the art festival ‘Track: A Contemporary City Conversation’.

While the public libraries’ are struggling to attract patrons, the Bookyard is stepping out of a library’s comfort zone and creating a venue where a bookworm can find his favorite book and read it.

Readers can select their favorite books and leave a donation in a discrete box. The local libraries in Ghent and Antwerp have donated  books for Bartolini’s Bookyard. The exhibition will end on September 16th.

Artist Bartolini who is from Cecina, Italy, has used different forms of media like sculpture and photography for his latest work. The Bookyard mimics the vineyard’s rolling hills and the towers of books appear to grow out from the grass.

The surrounding trees and the calm setting will surely prompt you to shut off your tablets and cell phones, and read a classic novel.

However, we wonder what will happen when it rains?

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