Music Buffs, Try These Eco-friendly Ear-buds from Griffin

Going green is all about choices. It is you who need to make your choice as to go green or not. If you are one of those people who would love to stay green in whatever you do, let’s tell you about a new line of headphones/ear-buds which are fully recyclable and eco-friendly.

Do you ever wonder why plastic is not using in the making of musical instruments? Well, then the answer is here, because wood sounds better than any other material. Therefore wood is preferred in speakers and other musical instruments related to sound. Then why don’t we use wood in headphones or ear-buds?

Griffin has come up with what you wanted. Folks at Griffin have made a set of ear-buds christened WoodTones. The headphones are in fact made from the collected wood pieces from the shop floors of cabinet and furniture makers. Basically, trash worthy stuff that are too small for furniture.

Griffin claims that their ear-buds help improve the quality of the sound and it allows listeners to enjoy music at lower volumes.

The 8-millimeter matched neodymium magnet drivers deliver great sound and the super-soft TPE cable jackets lessen the physical transmission of vibration and noise which happens while touching the cables.

The company also provides a carry pouch made from hemp fiber which is a safer alternative to your back pocket. Each set includes three pairs of soft silicone earpieces in small, medium and large size. The headphone costs only $29.99.

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