Maldives to Become World’s First Largest Marine Reserve by 2017

The tiny island nation of Maldives will become the world’s first marine reserve by year 2017. At the 1st Plenary Meeting of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development at the Rio+20Conference,Maldives President Dr Mohamed Waheed was heard listing out the many environmental challenges faced by the country.

Taking things forward in a bid for sustainable development and survival, he declared that the first UNESCO Biosphere reserve would be at the Baa Atoll inMaldives. The nation thus made its first step to being the first single largest marine reserve in the world.

Everyone knows that as a country,Maldiveshas always relied on sustainable practices and has also achieved remarkable success on that front.

One of the least developed countries,Maldives has an economy that is mainly based on tourism and fisheries. These segments have shown significant growth over the years.

With sustainable tourism, the nation has been trying to preserve its magnificent coral reefs, beautiful beaches and rich and diverse marine life.

The country still depends on sustainable pole-and-line fishing. While other nations use unsustainable fishing practices that destroy global fish stock and making a large impact on nature,Maldiveshas always had a tilt towards sustainable practices.

The country has also now urged global communities to be more committed to a greener economy and to help developing countries like the Maldives, who are in need of financial and technical support. Is your nation doing that?

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