Lit Motors Unveils Future Motorcycle Prototype

The emergence of a vehicle with revolutionary potential will always bring excitement to automobile enthusiasts. The new prototype vehicle C1 from Lit Motors is one among them.

The San Francisco-based company has successfully completed a proof-of-concept prototype. Yet, the vehicle design is something different from what we are expecting earlier, the design fulfills the promise of a self-balancing two-wheeler which drives forward – and in reverse – and doesn’t fall over.

The vehicle can safely be driven up to ten miles per hour and, for now, just the rear wheel contains a motor. And instead of the 1,300 lb-ft that the final specifications required, the vehicle put out 266 pound feet of torque.

The Lit Company built this on a $200,000 budget and is working for a more functional vehicle. But from its mock-up, we can assume that this will be the future vehicle on the street.

Scroll down to see the footage of the vehicle.

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