Kenguru: A Green Car for Wheelchair Users

Like many other EV companies, Kenguru has also experienced many ups and downs. In fact, when you enter in to the Kenguru website, it says “Investors Wanted!”

But all these efforts are made  to build a simple idea which is a battery-powered, car-shaped wrapper for a wheelchair to help people with mobility difficulties achieve a new level of independence.

The community cars, one of the companies behind the Kenguru, assembles the car by hand but it currently doesn’t have enough money to make and sell them. But this is not stopping the CEO of Community Cars Stacy Zoern; instead she is going to introduce a new joystick driven model.

The greatest advantage of Kenguru is that the users do not need to get out of the wheel chair to enter in to the vehicle. The doors are automatically controlled and the car length is only 2 meters and therefore, it makes parking easier.

The wheel chair is fixed by an adapter in a docking station for the safety of the traveler.

The car has a top speed of 45 kilometers an hour (28 miles per hour) and a range of somewhere between 70 and 110 km (43-68 miles). Kenguru takes about 6-8 hours for charging the batteries.

We are sure that this green car will be a helping hand to the disabled people.

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