Gulf Nations Look Towards Sun for the Future

The UAE is planning to open a new doorway to the world’s energy future. After depending on carbon emitting fossil fuels for decades, these oil-rich gulf nations are now turning towards solar energy measures for the future.

The desert capital is fetching global energy summits, while research institutes and businesses devoted to the production, promotion and application of renewable energy are being built.

This new approach towards renewable energy makes economic sense too.

According to the Adnan Amin, director general of the Abu Dhabi-based International Renewable Energy Agency, the Gulf region will become the fastest growing in renewable energy investment in the coming years.

In order to fulfill this vision, they are investing heavily worldwide and taking forward the cause of renewable energy.

The Masdar City Project, one of the renewable energy projects in the UAE, is designed to have the lowest possible carbon footprint with futuristic electric cars, street lights and air-conditioning all powered by a 10-megawatt on-site solar power plant.

The city is home to the Masdar Institute, a research-based post-graduate clean energy academy.

Masdar is planning to complete one of the world’s largest Concentrated Solar Power plants in the desert south of Abu Dhabi.Qatar has already announced plans to build solar-powered air-conditioned stadiums to host the 2020 football World Cup.

Abu Dhabi has announced a target of 7 percent energy production from renewables in 2020 and Dubai’s target is 5 percent by 2030.

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