Green Gadgets that Promise to Make Your Life Easier

Wish all of us decide to use eco-friendly gadgets from now on. We are sure such an act would surely cut down on carbon foot print and save more energy. It is a common belief that an eco-friendly gadget looks ugly. However, that’s just a myth waiting to be busted. A list of gadgets we stumbled upon are indeed pretty and efficient too. Moreover, they have in them the capability to give something back to the environment. With amazing looks and eco-friendly working methods, these gadgets are a great gift, for sure. Take a look.

 Switch Bulbs

The switch bulb is a remarkable piece of digital technology alternative to the traditional bulbs. Well, it is surely cost effective and easily fit into your old sockets. It looks great even when it is turned off.  The bulb’s metal base disperses the heat and the system continuously monitors the bulb’s temperature. And that, in turn, ensures that the switch bulb never get too hot and would last for thousands of hours too.

House of Marley Bag of Rhythm

The Bag of Rythum is a portable MP3 player which is set in a carry bag. It charges iPods and iPhones when docked and utilizes 1” (25mm) tweeters, twin 4.5” (114mm) high-definition woofers. This Mp3 player is made with completely eco-friendly materials like SC certified Birch wood and durable canvas.


By far, Bytepac is the greenest way to store your data for the future. It is a recycled cardboard storage box to store your 3.5-inch old hard drives. This hard drive case is provided with a passive ventilation system and can be connected directly to your computer with up gradable connectors. The design of a Bytepac is simple, neat and space saving. Just place your hard drive in the Bytepac and close the lid and place it on the shelf. You can even label on it with your marker pen. It is completely eco-friendly and sustainable.

ID Cook CookUp200

If you are planning a picnic with your friends, you definitely need an ID Cook CookUp 200, a solar-powered barbecue. Its wide reflective dish focuses the sun’s rays and generates 200°C of heat which is enough to bake your burgers. It is easy to assemble without any tools and enough to feed five people. You can get healthy and fresh food even in an isolated area. Easy to handle and can fit in a small carry bag. But in order to work this system you need a clear sky.

 Biolite Campstove

Biolite Campstove can cook your meals with nothing but sticks. No need to buy or carry fuel while traveling. This device is quick to light and easy to cook. Above all it converts the heat from the fire into electricity which is enough to recharge your phones, lights and other gadgets while cooking. This light weighted campstove weighs only 935g and packs down to the size of a water bottle.

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