Google Data Centers Turn Eco-friendly; Efforts on for Improvement

The intense power requirements needed to run and cool data centers now account for almost a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions from information and communications technology.


The time to revive all data centers from this heap of pollutants has already arrived. Google has been in the fore front in eradicating or at least minimizing the pollution to the maximum extent possible. But recent comments from analysts suggest that despite these mighty efforts, there is still room for improvement.

Experts are appreciating Google’s effort and at the meantime they are saying that Google is capable of doing much more. From their point of view, Google need to manage technology assets more aggressively such that existing servers can work at much higher utilization levels.

They also need to improve forecasting of how business demand drives application, server and data center–facility capacity so that they can mitigate unnecessary capital and operation spending.

Data center efficiency is a strategic issue these days and it really needs more attention from public too. These days, what public put their effort into are only issues like arguing over the texture of the upcoming iPhone’s back side or whether Microsoft’s Surface will overthrow Apple’s iPad.

Building and operating data centers consumes a larger portion of corporate IT budgets than all other expenses, leaving less available for high-priority technology projects. Data center-build programs are board level decisions.

At the same time, regulators and external stakeholders are taking keen interest in how companies manage their carbon footprint.

Adopting best practices will not only help companies reduce pollution but could also enhance their image as eco-friendly industries which of course will be the single most important attribute of any company in near future.

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