Global Warming to Push Up Sea Levels by 2100

We know that global warming is posing a major threat to our environment. Yet another impending threat has now been discovered by the US National Research Council. New studies have found that that sea levels in the U.S could rise two to three times more than previously estimated.  It is feared that sea levels in California will rise to an average of three feet higher by 2100.

It has been found that seaside cliffs in California will be cut back about 30 meters over the next 100 years. And, after 50 years, coastal wetlands will be overwhelmed without new sources of sand, and room to move inland. It has also been added that anything close to the seas could be vulnerable.

The reports suggest that the most immediate threat over the next few decades will come from periodic ocean-warming El Nino winds. When El Nino strikes, sea levels will elevated as much as a foot above normal and can cause larger waves with the high tides particularly in the Northwest.

And if a major earthquake occurs beneath the Pacific Ocean off Oregon and Washington, known as the Cascadia subduction zone, it would cause the land to drop which would in turn spur the sea level to rise another 3 to 6 feet.

Global warming would be the main reason behind the sea level rise. When warmer water expands it cause as many as 23 inches of sea level to rising by 2100. This could also lead to the melting of ice sheets in Greenland and West Antarctica, adding another foot or more to sea levels by that year.

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