Eco-friendly Keylad 2.0 is the Future EV on 3 Wheels

The world has come to a point where it is definite that future generation automobiles are going to be all about electric vehicles. Automobile majors are already planning their electric vehicles to the future.

Okay, lets here talk about a tricycle for a change. A new stylish entry to the electric vehicle category, Kaylad 2.0 has been designed by Dimitris Niavis and comes across as a complete eco-friendly vehicle that promises to be reliable and an alternative to the standard modes of commuting.

While designing the vehicle, Dimitris Niavis focused on creating an active form of transportation method that would uphold the safety as well as fun aspects. Using human-centered tools and methodologies, the designer created the Kaylad 2.0 tricycle. The vehicle meets all European Union En-15194 standards, rules and regulations.

The vehicle houses a 250-watt electric motor with a lithium-ion battery. Seven gears, tubeless tires and hydraulic disc brakes are other remarkable features.

Niavis has also thrown in LED headlights and taillights so as to ensure a safe drive. In case you have luggage to carry along, a shelf has been attached to the front of the vehicle. The four-driving modes provide 75% assistance to Kayald 2.0 where an independent front suspension ensures a smooth and easy ride.

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