ECF Containerfarm: A New Vision for Roof-top Urban Farming

ECF Containerfarm is a green house project designed to grow vegetables and fish on top of generic flat roofs. A group of visionaries from Urban Farmers AG, Switzerland, gave life to this unique idea of an integrated fish and vegetable farm.

The project works on the concept that plants need fertilizer and fishes need clean water. In the natural environment, these will work together in a healthy mutual support system.

This urban farm, which can be placed in a parking lot or rooftop, enables vegetables, herb and fish production with minimal water consumption and a neutral CO2 footprint.

A wide variety of plants grow on the shelves of the green house. The lower level of that is outfitted with a fish tank at the far end and two Astaf-Pro filter systems nearby.

The metabolic products of the fish are converted within the ECF biofilter into valuable fertilizer. The water from the fish circulation is used again for the plants. Thus, the water is recycled and the metabolic products from the fish serve as a natural plant fertilizer.

Also, the plants bind the CO2 produced in fish farming. This integrated arrangement of aquaculture and hydroponics, and the dual usage of water will enable us to save up to 50% of this valuable resource.

ECF is also planning to start rooftop urban farming at the Malzfabrik and it will be the world’s largest rooftop aquaponic fish and vegetable farm. They are planning a 7000 square meter rooftop installation at Malzfabrik.

These experimentalists brought 200 fish seeking sponsors at the 2012 summer festival Malzwiese to inaugurate the ECF Containerfarm.

We are sure that this new farming method will be a milestone in the journey of exploration into sustainable urban spaces.

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