Disney Ban on Junk Food Ads, Starting 2015

Junk is just junk, they needn’t be marketed. So thinks American multinational mass media company Disney. The company has  introduced a junk food ban on programs for children,and is imposing strict regulations for food and beverages advertisements on Disney-owned ABC stations, Radio Disney, and online platforms owned by the company. Further, Disney Channel and Disney Junior, that have sponsorships, will also follow the same guidelines .

The company has even decided to stop licensing its characters for Mc Donald’s Happy Meals. Their new Mickey Check symbol will help people in identifying healthier food products at kiosks, park restaurants and online.

The new move means advertisers on Disney will now need to meet new nutrition guidelines set for serving size, calories, fat, and sugar in their products. These nutrition criteria were developed with the help of experts and align to the Federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Disney’s new initiative has been welcomed by personalities like Michelle Obama, the first Lady of America, who has been working on child obesity. According to her, it is  impossible to solve childhood obesity crisis until companies changed the way they sell food to children.

Child obesity is a major problem in the US. One out of three kids is now considered overweight or obese in the country, and that condition could gradually lead to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Disney is not alone in its path. Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network have similar policies with regard to this.

Well, the ban won’t start until 2015 in order to honor current contract obligations and it also allows food manufacturers to reformulate their products.Kudos, Disney!

In the meanwhile, click here for the Disney Nutrition Guideline Criteria.

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