Dhara at Italy’s Belfiore Park Offers Rejuvenation in the Midst of Luxury

Ayurveda is in. With more people opting for the traditional Indian mode of medicine, the science of herbal healthcare has attracted many takers. The luxury resorts and hotels in the US,Europe and Asian regions are increasingly adding Ayurveda to their list of unique offerings. And this one is the ultimate, we guess.

The Belfiore Park Hotel, inItaly, houses a modern wellness center and is spread across an entire floor of the luxury property.

Designed by Studio Alberto Apostoli, the modern wellness center is all about traditional health care offerings.  Aptly christened Dhara, the project successfully invokes the herbal properties o the health care system.

The location is unique, and so is the natural spring that was discovered while the building was being erected.  The construction has thrown in elements of bamboo and other naturally sourced material in its build. A large olive tree finds its place within the structure.

The SPA is complete with a water carrying basin constantly replenished by the natural spring. The space also sports a sauna made in stone. A vapor bath adds even more charm beside it. Look at the pictures, an we are sure you will find them charming.


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