Bluebird GTL Formula E Prototype Ready to Roar

No doubt, FIA’s upcoming Formula E will be a feast for your eyes. Our expectations are soaring high after the unveiling of Bluebird GTL Formula E racing car concept. Bluebird unveiled its Formula E prototype at the Bluebird Centenary Celebration.

The Bluebird legend was born one hundred years ago when Sir Malcolm Campbell saw the Maurice Maeterlinck’s play ‘The Blue Bird’ at the Theatre Royal Haymarket and was so inspired he rushed home to christen his racing car ‘Blue Bird’.

In a century, Bluebird has won over 20 world land and water speed records. Now on its 100 years of celebration, the Bluebird unveiled the team’s latest vehicle: the Bluebird Formula E Racing Car in outside the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Unfortunately, the specifications of the vehicle are not revealed but it is an all-electric vehicle. Of course, it looks stunning in color and style.

On this special occasion, Bluebird’s Don Wales said that Formula-E represents the birth of a new era for them. Where they were struggling with financial aid for land speed record attempts, the circuit racing car is going to be more attractive to potential sponsors and Formula-E really is the future.

FIA’s electric racing is going to be a big thing and the Bluebird team hopes to become a very strong brand in the future.

The Formula E racing series aims to increase awareness of electric propulsion and drum up support for its use in a variety of motorsports applications and the races should start in 2014.

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