Black Bears Can Count Too; Study Brings to Light Amazing Capability

You have seen a bear riding a unicycle at the circus. And, then you believed these animals are pretty smarter and intelligent when compared to other animals like dogs and cats.

A new research has so much in it to cement your belief. Studies conducted to find out the black bear’s brianiac scale by a group of US researchers have thrown light on this animal’s sharp powers to understand the difference in the numbers too. The study report was published in the journal Animal Behavior.

The team devised a simple experiment with bears, where two black bears were trained to look at two groups of dots and to indicate the group with less number of dots.

Another bear was trained to indicate the group with more dots. What they found was that all the three bears were good at counting the number of dots, which clearly proved the animal’s intelligence.

To ensure that the animal is not just guessing the overall size of the dots, the team changed the size of the dots and surroundings. After different experiments, the study team became convinced of the animals’ capability to count.

The pattern of performance of bears is similar to monkeys and this also shows other forms of sophisticated quantitative abilities. According to the study, the counting capability of bears is an advanced phenomenon.

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