Bazsarozsa Presents Sexy Lingerie Made from Sustainable Organic Cotton

The New York City-based Bazsarózsa believes that a woman should be able to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, and should be able to do so everyday.  Yes, they really mean it.

Bazsarozsa’s new collection offers a line of undergarments that exude sex appeal without complex scaffolding.

Each panty, camisole, and bra features clean lines, neutral colors, and sportswear-inspired details. And the best thing about them is that these undergarments are made from soft organic cotton. The brand ensures that their products are produced in a socially-conscious way.

According to the company’s founder Eniko Bazsa, woman is at her best and sexiest, when she is confident and comfortable. She adds that she is interested in creating designs that celebrate the female form naturally and hated not being able to find foxy things that were also comfortable.

These new collections are refreshingly underwire-free. Apart from the occasional scalloped, edge, ruching, or mesh cutout, frills are also kept to a minimum. Instead, Bazsa adds visual interest with unexpected details like brass eyelets and body-harness-like straps.

Of course, its Bazsa’s designs that draw most first-time customers and the sustainable and comfortable material is a bonus to them.

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