Bamboo School in Thailand is Home to Refugee Kids

A cursory glance at the images of the sustainable eco-friendly bamboo school could be enough to make you plan for a holiday. Welcome to Thailand, where this bamboo school has come up as the latest green attraction. The civil war in Myanmar had resulted in the inflow of refugees and immigrants to neighboring Thailand. The Thai town Mae Sot, which is a few kilometers from the Burmese border, now has numerous schools and orphanages offering accommodation to these refugees.

One organization engaged in rehabilitation is Mae Tao Organization. They have set up health services and a training center so as to contribute and promote accessible quality health care among displaced Burmese and ethnic people along the Thai-Burma border.

The Children Development Center(CDCSchool) is a new service under this organization. The whole project aims to host more than 500 students’ education and accommodation and is funded by the Embassy of Luxembourg in Bangkok.

Faced by lack of space and need for immediate accommodation for new students the school was forced to build new buildings with local material and architecture. These buildings offer low impact and are easy to assemble. The materials used were local such as bamboo and leaves which is easily available and well known for the users.


The design ensures an open and airy space for children, at the same time it offers semi privacy too. The dormitory includes storage space for the students. It also offers easy maintenance and low cost.

Mae Tao Organization is planning to promote health education, and improve access and utilization of its health services.

The NGO is also advocating quality education for migrant children in the Mae Sot area and works to strengthen the child rights and child protection.

Take a look at the pictures.

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