Amazing Solar Tree Arrives in London for Clerkenwell Design Week

You might have seen different types of trees around you. But, this one at the London St. John’s Square is entirely unique, because, it is a solar tree.

Yes! Designer Ross Lovegrove has unveiled a new solar tree as part of the Clerkenwell Design Week in London last week. This special tree brings together LED lighting and solar panels by absorbing the sun rays and illuminates the place at night.

The solar sculpture consists of leaf-style solar panels on top of 20 “stems,” and big lights on 10 grass-like stalks, topped with LEDs. The lights will turn on automatically when it gets dark. The solar tree can absorb enough energy to glow for three days.

The designer originally created the design in Vienna in 2007. The vibrant color of the tree provides a striking contrast to the typical grayness of the London’s urban environment.  The tree can feed electrical energy if it is connected to the grid.

The tree will remain in the St John’s Square till the end of Olympics and the Paralympics. Whoever visits London for Olympics must see this wonder tree.

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