Amazing Dress Entirely Made of Light

I bet you have never tried or imagined about this kind of a dress material. A dress made with photons. Yes! The London based art photographer Atton has created a series of luminous gowns using a remote camera trigger and some very special light brushes.

Conrad selected the light painting, a distinctive and widely practiced photographic technique, for his art work. He elevated this technique to something with more subtlety than a simple trail of light, caught on long-exposure. Conrad achieved a level of control few have managed, which allows him to cloak his models in garments of pure fluorescence.

In his own words, the artist realized that the techniques could give him incredibly fine control over light and texture, to a unique and almost hyperreal result. This new technique took him to a completely new direction.

In a physical sense it is not real and usual but Conrad’s light dresses dazzle on film. And who knows about the future? It is also possible that the future clothing may derive from electromagnetic waves and particles. Above all, it is sustainable, waste-free, completely renewable, and changeable at a moment’s whim.

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