Add Green to Your Sex Life with These Simple Steps

Did you know you can add a green tint to your sex life? You thought sex is just sex –  green or not, right? You need to think again. Sex with a green hue is healthy and can also keep the inner flame burning all through. There are couples who have practiced being green in bed and perfected the art like no other. Dump taboo down the drain and join us as we discuss the green pathways to amazing sex. In case you have never thought about it, let’s tell you, eco-friendly sex can help enhance memory, boost sense of smell, cut stress, and strengthen your system. Further, what you do in bed can make the planet happy too. Okay, having said that, welcome to the world of green sex.Discuss Green

Au naturel is the key word. So start thinking green and discuss your green thoughts with your partner. Discuss with him / her about how to inject a bit of eco friendliness in the bedroom too. Be it a session of massage, unwinding after work over a drink or lighting up your bedroom, you can bring in the green element. Try and discuss how with your partner and see how it works out the mood.

Green Control


Have sex, not babies is one slogan we keep hearing. Birth control is one ingredient in sexual sessions. Unfortunately, most women bank on popping the pill.  The pill, hormone injections, synthetic estrogen and the like  are bad for your body and health. There are green methods, you need to stick to. IUD, lambskin condoms and the like are better choices.  So have any of these ready.

Green Drapes

Fun under the sheets is awesome, right. How about getting some eco-friendly stuff there? Try switching your regular bedding with bamboo bedding, which are softer compared to the cotton and silk drapes you normally use. You may also go for eco-friendly linens made of organic cotton and hemp silk, as they come pesticide-free and chemical-free. One good aspect about bamboo is that it is also naturally antibacterial.

Green Massage

Sensual massages are hot. No doubt about that, right? Okay, how about choosing natural oils that would help burn the flame of love. Many a brand of natural oils are available for your body massage, baths and room sprays.

Green Room

We spoke about room sprays that contain organic oils. You could take it further by opting for natural bee wax candles that burn longer, cleaner and are not dangerous as paraffin.

Green Snuggle

The post coital snuggle is one great aspect about great sex. Choosing a green bedroom with all these eco-friendly ingredients and inhaling the fragrance of the beeswax candles, natural oil room sprays and the bamboo drapes is a joy in itself. And, all the while sleeping in the arms of your beloved is heaven. What do you feel?

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