A Daily Five-Minute Walk Can Make You Live Longer and Save the Planet Too

Park your car, get out and start walking! A five minute short walk would make you live longer. WHO and the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB) have jointly conducted a study that estimated the yearly economic benefits from a reduction in death rates by adding a five-minute walk instead of using a vehicle. The study confirms that short journeys on foot would reduce the rate of death by least 108 men and 79 women a year in the Barcelona region alone and around 200 million euros can be saved.

The team relied on the Catalonia’s Mobility Survey performed by the Generalitat and the Metropolitan Transport Agency in 2006, which collected the details of  journeys of more than one hundred thousand people.

From this group, the team selected about 80,552 individuals over 17 years of age who did walked at least five minutes and also calculated the number of men and women who did not meet the daily physical exercise recommendations.

To calculate the annual economic benefits, the Health Economic Evaluation Tool (HEAT) by the WHO was used. The result revealed that about 73% people do not reach the WHO recommendation of a 150 minute walk per week.

By adding a five minute journey to their daily routine, about 326,557 men and 252,509 women would meet the recommendations and it would also bring about savings of €124,216,000 and €84,927,000 respectively.

Walking is considered a moderate physical activity and is perfect to meet the WHO exercise recommendations. So leave your car at home if you need to live longer.

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