Young Celebs Prefer Eco-life Style

As you know many of our Hollywood celebrities prefer eco life style to reduce carbon footprint. The list includes celebrities like Jessica Alba, Amy Smart and Gisele Bundchen and many more.

Now the eco-lovers’ list is expanding with more young green starlets like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freida Pinto and Annalynne McCord.

Recently these young gals spoke out about their part in reducing the impact on the environment.

Hewitt says that she has been trying to buy the cloth cover for her dry cleaning to avoid plastic which helps to avoid bringing toxins into her home. She develops a liking for recycled products.

The Slum dog millionaire star Pinto is making conscious efforts to reduce her use of plastics by carrying water in a glass bottle instead of buying plastic bottles during her trips. We think this is a good effort and inspiration to our readers too.

In McCord’s recent trip to Canada, she saw the recycling bins for bottles, cans, plastics and aluminum. They had organic and paper recyclables too, where you can throw your food and waste paper. The actress is going to implement and promote this recycling process in U.S.

Among the celebrities, becoming vegan is another green trend. Actress Renee Olstead claims that she has recently removed dairy and meat from her diet and feels great. She adds that vegan is the easiest way to go green. In the vegan group, Olstead is accompanied with celebrities like Lea Michele, Carrie Underwood and Abbie Cornish. Now-a-days all are becoming vegan and it has almost become a trend.

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