WWF Celebrates its 50th Anniversary in UK Aiming to Raise Funds

The World Wildlife celebrated its 50th anniversary in the United Kingdom on Thursday. It was a visual feast of sculpture, fashion, millinery, and performance. The whole event was co-hosted by Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry and curated by Artwise.

WWF’s “Pandamonium” 2012 became a huge success with the participation of celebrities like Zaha Hadid, Susie MacMurray, Hussein Chalayan, Idris Khan, Nicola Formichetti, and Rowan Mersh. These designers displayed their designs to underline the treats facing our planet.

An open air cat walk show was conducted and guests such as Ben Fogle and Miranda Richardson participated in the event. The show ended up with a silent auction that raised funds for WWF’s ongoing efforts to protect wildlife habitats and their denizens.

Each design is unique and grabs anyone’s attention. One among them is Studio Roso’s Water=Life, a billowing white gown that blooms with color in the presence of water.

Many art works will also go on display later this year at a public exhibition. According to Georgie Bridge, the head of design at WWFU.K., they are thrilled at the range of creative interpretations of environmental issues our planet faces and these issues are made more expressive and engaging through art.

This is not the first time WWF uses art as a medium to drive every ones attention to the environmental issues. In 2009, a similar event collected more than £100,000 for the organization.

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