Wind Turbines Will Now Produce Water from Air [Video]

Wind turbines have got a new use – they can produce water too. French company Eole Water has developed wind turbines that have been modified to produce fresh drinking water.

The company claims that its initial product, called the WMS1000, is capable of producing up to 1000 liters of clean fresh water every day in humid conditions. That quantity, we guess, would be sufficient to fulfill the water needs of any city.

The device works by combining two type of technologies. First it generates electricity from the wind by using traditional technology; the electricity thus produced is used to run the compressor, which in turn, compresses the pulled in air.

Thus water is removed from the moisture and is collected in the base of the turbine tower which is then filtered and used.

The company has added more features, like large filters to keep out dust and dirt particle, to the system.

Another add on is the ability to easily raise and lower the entire turbine which makes the maintenance and repair easier.

One drawback of the system is its price, which is close to three quarters of a million US dollars per system. But we hope the figure will surely reduce, taking into consideration the need for such a device.

Although the company claims 1000 liters of water production, we think it will all depend on the location.

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