Wildlife Services Killed More than 50,000 animals since 2000

Each ecosystem naturally maintains a balance of predator and prey. But sometimes we interfere in this ecosystem in the name of bringing it under control. A new investigation by Sacramento Bee reporter Tom Knudson reveals such upsetting details about Wildlife Services.

The report uncovers a list of incidents where employees of wildlife services irresponsibly killed many predatory species in the name of conservation. These killings were meant to protect the non-predatory wildlife population. Gosh!

Animals killed include species like coyotes and wolves. These animals were killed by brutal methods like steel traps, wire snares and cyanide poisoning.

The report says that agency employees have accidentally killed more than 50,000 animals since 2000, including golden and bald eagles, 1,100 dogs and even family pets.

The list is long and has species like armadillos, badgers, great-horned owls, hog-nosed skunks, javelina, pronghorn antelope, porcupines, great blue herons, ruddy ducks, snapping turtles, turkey vultures, long-tailed weasels, marmots, mourning doves, red-tailed hawks, sandhill cranes and ringtails.

It is ironical that governments are spending millions of dollars to preserve species, even as wild life conservators are on a killing spree, saying that the killed species were a threat to agriculture, the public and the environment!

We hope such agencies would understand their stupidity and the forest service officials will have to take steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. What do you have to say about this?

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