Water Discus Hotel- the Underwater Hotel Project in Dubai

Dubai is a land of excellent architectural projects, like the world’s tallest tower, the first underwater hotel, artificial islands (though they are sinking) and more. The city is home to some amazing concepts, and look what we have for you here. The latest addition to Dubai’s superlative projects is the Water Discus Hotel, announced by Polish firm Deep Ocean Technology.

This submerged project looks similar to a sci-fi movie construction formed of a stacked disc-like structure. One of them will be positioned 21 storeys under the sea.

We hear the plan was specially designed to suit future users and the local environment, like the shape of the coastal line and the depth of the water around the coral reef.

The most surprising element about this construction is that the building modules can be shifted to a different place, if a particular environment or economic condition changes.

The discs are interchangeable and constructed on the top of three legs and on a vertical shaft which contains an elevator and stairway.

The above water discs are equipped with monitoring and warning systems for safety, they can also be used as life saving vessels after being detached from the main body.

Apart from the unusual accommodation, the hotel houses under water tourist vehicles, diving center, a spa, garden areas, an above-water terrace, and a helipad for guest.

In addition to all these, the Water Discus Hotel acts as a laboratory tool for ocean and sea environment protection and research.

No doubt, this hotel offers a unique opportunity to live underwater with unlimited options to change locations.

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