Want to Spent a Night Amdist the Trees? Head for the AirHotel

Ever imagined the feel of swinging from a tree for a whole night? You can enjoy this wonderful feeling in AirHotel. The magical AirHotel rooms will be hanging in the forest for a brief moment this summer as a part of the Norfolkand Norwich Festival. The Belgian project is a combination of hotel room and art.

It includes seven different types of hotel rooms. Each one is entirely different from the other in structure and shape.

While the lotus shaped room is made out of parachute material and opens up to the shape of a lotus flower, the giant bird’s nest type structure called the Lovenest is made of organic materials such as branches and leaves on the outside.

Visitors are allowed only for one night with only a string bag of possessions. You can sleep in a funky air room once you check in.

Room service is provided by tree climbing staff and the wake-up calls are provided by the dawn chorus. Each room can accommodate only two people.

If you want to enjoy this unique feel get ready and pack your bag to this unique night amidst the woods.

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