Vaute Couture Looks to Bring Vegan Fashion to the Mainstream

In a bid to prove to the world that vegan clothing can become a mainstream phenomenon, vegan fashion label Vaute Couture is kickstarting a flagship store in Williamsburg. As part of the effort, they have reached out to Lucky Ant, a hyper-local crowd-funding website, to help them raise $13,000 to finish the stores construction.

Started in the fall of 2008, Vaute Couture has been making vegan eco-friendly coats that are fashionable enough forNew York Citystreets, but also warm enough for a Chicago winter.

After a few years of success online, they have decided to open their first store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The store, which also doubles as the HQ for the brand, is not completely finished and they need a little boost to really make it into the retail experience of their dreams.

The partnership’s goal is to raise $13,000 that will be used to finish design and construction of the first store. Once the flagship store is up and running, the fashion brand hopes to bring animal-friendly haute couture to the masses. Any contributors to this cause will be rewarded with gifts provided by Vaute Couture, a raffle for a coat ($5 pledge), Friends of Animals Print Series ($100 pledge), the first coat from next year’s collection and named after the participant ($1000 pledge).

Lucky Ant, which launched in January, is the first crowd-funding site specifically targeting local businesses. Each week, Lucky Ant features a project from a business in a neighborhood that needs to be funded.

In its first week Lucky Ant successfully raised $5,000 for Bari Studio in Tribeca to trademark their brand and has since raised $7,500 for Grotto to cover their garden and $3,500 for the Dessert Truck to bring their product to grocery stores. Most recently they raised $7,150 for Pie Corps to buy a bigger oven for their new retail location in Greenpoint. You may want to head here to know more.

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