Stylish Sun Shade that Acts as a Solar Panel

Many of you like the idea of using solar energy, but then, the complications in installing will make you stay back from it. If you are one among them then here is a simpler solution for your problem.

Umbrosa is creating a lovely backyard sun shade. This beautiful sun shade does a double duty. It also acts as a solar array which converts sun rays into electricity.

This aesthetic umbrella design is a striking one but it doesn’t fold like usual umbrellas. This design is a simple shadow maker at the same time it is a piece of art. In winter season, it is really an eye catcher.

The eclipse is composed of a large metal ring which is supported by a pole and a large piece of fabric stretched tight across it. The design looks like a drum and collects sun rays by an array of solar cells.

This innovative design offers shadow and energy with its artistic and affordable design. The main drawback of this design is that, it doesn’t provide the same energy as the large solar panels on the roof top.

But it will create a new standard to your backyard parties in the night and gives you free energy from the sun.

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