Try These ideas, Save Energy

Upset with your high electricity bills? Here are some energy-saving ideas to help you keep your electric bills down.

One of the main reasons for the high energy consumption is the unnecessary use of electric equipment, lighting and electronics. While considering lights, we turn them on mechanically when we walk into rooms, even if there is enough light. And we left them on while leaving the room. If no one is in the room, then what is the point of lighting the room?

A little lighting for security purposes is enough. Avoid excessive lighting when you really don’t need them.

If you are using old, soon to be discontinued incandescent light bulbs, they produce a lot of heat of which about 90 percent is heat and only 10 percent is light. So in summer unnecessary use of bulbs will increase the heat inside the house and you will be forced to use more air condition to cool the room.

If you are apparently lazy then you need help in turning lights off. Different kinds of devices are available in market which can control lights, fans and electronic equipment.

The basic occupancy sensors which are available in the markets will help you out. They turn on lights when someone enters a room and will turn them off automatically when it isn’t needed.

These sensors use a combination of motion detection and heat sensing technology so the lights don’t go off if you are sitting and quietly reading.

Manual-on sensors are better than occupancy sensors. This sensor requires someone to manually turn on the switch and it turns off automatically after everyone leaves the place. It is good to use this type of sensor as it doesn’t turn lights on when you don’t need them.

Next important step to cut down excessive energy is to disconnect the power of your electronic equipment like TV, DVD players and audio equipment when you are not using them. These devices will consume power even in the stand by mode.

If you are building a new home or renovating the old one, then put in “kill switch”, which is a regular switch that controls a set of receptacles that you can plug in all the things that you can turn off. Like if you are not watching, just flip the switch and when you’re ready to watch TV, just turn the switch on and flip through the channels with your remote.

You can also use smart strip which has a special receptacle that senses when the main piece of equipment (like a TV or computer) is turned off. It then cuts the power to other receptacles in the power strip.

If you want something simple then go for a timer switches which normally use in college libraries. You can set a time and after that time they automatically turn off switches. It will work well on bath fans as well as on ceiling fans.

And finally if you are a responsible adult then you can just use regular old switches and train yourself to turn things on only when you need them and turn them off after your use. If you say that it is difficult, then remember the money is yours.

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