Six Eco-friendly Travel Apps to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Traveling is a mind-opening experience which allows you to see different people and places. The main problem behind this traveling is your ecological foot print which can do damage to those beautiful and serene places. These six apps will help the eco-friendly traveler to navigate and eliminate some of the environmental pitfalls of travel.


The Locavore app will lead you to discover foods that are available in season. Thus, you can taste the food made in sustainable farming habits and reduce the use of fossil fuels to import food from other places. This app will help you in finding the freshest local choices in food while traveling.


By using this app, you can see in the solid data how much of an impact your activities make on the environment. It will keep track of your carbon foot print and also provides the comparison of different transportation modes. Thus, you can determine which would be the most eco-friendly option to travel to your destination.

Green Globe

The Green Globe app will direct you to eco-friendly hotels, cruise ships, resorts and other properties. You don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint in these places.


If you are planning a road trip, then you’ll want to look into the MyMPG. This app will help you to calculate the average amount of miles you are getting per gallon of gas. It will also help you in adjusting your driving habits to make the most of the fuel.

In Bloom: The Eco App

Are you looking for sustainable food and green businesses? Then this app is definitely for you. It will help you in finding nearby farmer’s markets, organic grocery stores and even charging stations for your hybrid vehicle.


If you are on the road and can’t access your usual carpooling resources, then this app will help to match you with some other individual who also looks to carpool. Thus, you will get less fuel usage plus a good companion.

If more and more travelers prefer environmentally safer products and services, the overall carbon footage can be reduced gradually.

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