Pulpop is a Speaker Made from Recycled Paper

You have already had your share of different types of speakers, but this one is a special. It is completely eco -friendly and recycled one. Folks at Balance Studio have been in the business and you have seen and heard many a model that had already been pushed out of their workshops. They have now come with this ultimately eco-friendly design.

Christened Pulpop, the new speaker is made from recycled paper pulp.

This speaker is in the shape of a sculptural doughnut and completely made from recycled paper pulp. It will blast your MP3 player’s tunes straight from your desk.

Sound doesn’t travel well through paper. But theTaipeidesigners Wu and Chin Wang made this speaker by creating a hollow loop structure in paper pulp.

This large surface area distributes sound effectively and easy by using the paper’s quality as a filter. Thus the designers succeeded in creating a paper speaker. They also demonstrated that recycled paper is still a great material.

This hand made eco-design is surely catch everyone’s attention. This Pulpop speaker made from garbage paper makes vibrated with your favorite tunes!

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