Plastics Seen as a More Serious Threat than Nuclear Weapons

India faces a more potent threat than nuclear weapons. Wonder what? The lowly plastic is one major catastrophe waiting to happen in the lives of many Indians, and the apex court of the country has expressed concern over this impending threat. 

The Supreme Court of India sees plastic as a more serious threat to the future generation, than the nuclear weapons. May be it might sound a bit exaggerating, but for those who spent time in India knows it is true to some extent.

The comment by the highest court was in response to a petition from two NGOs who requested some serious action from the government to solve the plastic issue. According to Justices GS Singhvi and SJ Mukhopadhya, the lakes, ponds and even the urban sewage system are getting clogged by plastic bags.

Therefore the court wanted to expand the scope of the petition unless they examine a total ban on plastic bags or establish a system to collect back these plastic bags. The court also stated that rough estimate reveals that more than 100 million water bags are thrown all over the country.

In India, purified drinking water is also available in small flexible pouches. Due to lack of public awareness and waste bins, these plastics are just thrown into the roadside garbage dumps.

Animals like cows and bulls consume these plastic bags, which in turn, choke the digestive system of these animals and kill them. Besides, these plastic residues also enter the human body through dairy and animal products.

The NGOs urged the court for the implementation of a successful garbage disposal system and the beginning of door-to-door garbage collection.

They also demanded a ban on plastic bags and the treatment of cows and other animals that have ingested plastic. Let’s hope the Indian administration will implement some effective measures to solve these serious issues.

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