Planning a Trip for the Holidays? Here are Some Tips to Travel Plastic Free

 The problem with plastic is that it simply degrades without changing its structure. The garbage thus formed destroys your landscape, kills wildlife, poisons the seas, and above all it poisons us. Most often, travelers leave behind a trail of plastic, thereby hurting the environs no end. Let us here try and suggest a few tips to avoid plastic while traveling


  • Try to use natural toothbrushes and homemade tooth powder to brush your teeth. Make your own natural beauty products for skin, hair and nails.
  • When buying street food, purchase them in tiffin boxes that allow you to carry home your cuisine in a plastic-free, reusable box. Also carry string bags so that you can buy groceries and products from the markets without using much of plastic.
  • To keep your documents, use a laptop. This can eliminate the use of plastic pens and paper. For those who want to keep journals, there are biodegradable pens, wooden pencils and sustainably sourced, wooden, pencil sharpeners.
  • Use travel mugs instead of plastic water bottles. They are easier to get through airport security too.
  • Always use reusable utensils, stainless steel drinking straws and use metal tins to carry snacks and food.
  • Keep your personal care products like toothpaste and other items in a reusable container. Switch to metal razors.
  • And for party nights, try to find beer with corks or reusable beer bottles and wines that don’t use plastics.
  • Tea drinkers can use eco-friendly tea containers that are safe and alternatives to the usual plastic-heavy tea packaging.
  • Although it’s not easy to make a quick switch from a plastic-immersed life, you can try to make small changes to the way you live.
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