Victorian House Gets a Makeover

As goes the popular adage, an architect can see beauty in every piece of brick. The same goes for the architects at Haworth Tompkins who turned an old partially-damaged red brick Victorian pigeon house in to a beautifully decorated music studio.

The main purpose behind such a unique venture was to provide artists and staff with a convenient space to practice and record. Here in this Aldeburgh Music School studio old meets new.

Situated in England’s historic Suffolk county, the building was constructed in the Victorian industrial era. Tompkins re-fabricated the old shabby structure by incorporating ideas of new age architecture.

With much respect for the old building, they maintained the rustic look and grow vegetation around it.

After providing the essential maintenance for the building, they inserted a rusty pre-fabricated structure as a way to cut down cost and energy.  Walls and ceilings are covered with spruce plywood with spectacular views over the marshes towards the blue sea.

This lovely music abode has many windows and a large north facing roof glass, thus allowing natural light to play inside. They built a striking studio out of this old isolated ruinous building.

It has been recommended by some of the professional architectural institutions like RIBA and RICS. This stylish red brick studio is a reflection of the past Victorian-age architecture combined with new age construction.

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