Old Children’s Books Turn into iPad Cover

Can you imagine converting the colors of the field and trees of the book in to a case to hold the iPad in place? Yes, the stunning famous children’s book have been converted to a case/cover that can hold the First, Second and Third generation iPad!  This new iPad cases will carry you to your childhood memories.

Etsy seller has come up with a nice idea for your iPad cases: make them from old and famous children’s book. All of you have read the books like The Giving Tree, Cat in the Hat, and even Moby Dick.

Seller chicklitdesigns has taken the covers of old printings of these books and turned them into cases for iPads, Kindles, and other tablets.

Yet, it is little disappointing that these books got tear apart in this way. In your distant future, you may long for more of these titles around.

Still, it’s a great idea; somewhere it brings a nostalgic feeling towards your iPad. This handmade iPad cases are available at a rate starting from $79.99.

Go grab your favorite story book cover page for your iPad.

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