New Eco-friendly Designs Come into View on Annual Pratt Fashion Show

Theresa Deckner, a young designer from Pratt Institute, is a rising star in the field of eco-fashion. Her collections attracted everyone’s attention at the annual Pratt Fashion Show held on April 26.

The young designer presented a senior thesis collection enriched with new colors and hand-painted fabrics. She chose sustainable fabrics as her canvas and used durable-better materials.

The collection consisted of 80% hemp and hemp blend fabrics collected from The rest of her fabrics were a blend of cycled garments like cashmere sweaters and the leftover pieces on her fabric box.

Her paint was a mixture of acrylic paint and an acrylic polymer emulsion from Golden Artist Colors. This made the paint colorfast and washable, and it also allowed it to maintain a softer hand. Her designs were completely different from one another. Some of her clothes carried subtle colors and some held very vibrant and striking colors.

Most noticeable designs of Deckner include a pale blue and white washed jacket with forest green side panels and an overcoat featuring vibrant colors. She gave modern touches like hot pink piping and clear buttons to the dress. A mint green shaded pants which she dyed by her hand was also a catchy piece on the entire show.

For her sustainable and eco-friendly designs she received appreciation from all over the fashion world.

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