Microsoft to Go Carbon Neutral from July Next Fiscal

It seems like Greenpeace’s efforts have made a difference on Microsoft’s attitude towards the environment. The software giant has declared that they will be carbon neutral from July of the next fiscal year.

From July, the company will upgrade its data centers, software development labs, air travel, and office buildings. It will also charge departments a fee for carbon produced. The company also plans to rely on renewable energy and using data more efficiently.

According to Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner, working on the environmental issues provides an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Microsoft aims to make their business divisions responsible for the cost of offsetting.

This pledge from Microsoft came after protests from Greenpeace against the company’s continued use of coal, to power its data centers.

A Greenpeace study had poorly graded Amazon, Apple and Twitter with respect to the use of clean energy, while Facebook, Google and Yahoo were lauded for taking good efforts in going green.

Though Microsoft is not the first company to go carbon neutral, this move will spur others to follow suit.

Greenpeace has termed the Microsoft pledge a good step, but they expressed concern over Microsoft’s continued use of coal. They urged Microsoft to chose renewable energy while building new data centers.

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