Michelle Obama Launches Her First Book to Promote Edible Gardening

We all know that the first lady of United States is a fashion icon and role model for women. Apart from that, she is also an advocate for poverty awareness, nutrition and healthy eating.

This time, she launches her first book American Grown as part of her mission to plant an edible garden on the South Lawn of the White House. She launches this book to educate children about edible gardening and to promote the need to improve child health.

With Michelle Obama’s smiling face on the cover and a title like ‘American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America’, the book will surely be an inspiration for all. In her book, she included her own experiences as a gardener.

American Grown discusses about the gardening movement which is taking root in all over the country. It celebrates the joy and health benefits of gardening. Michelle wants to make children understand that fresh fruits and vegetables taste better and want to teach them to cook as it will help them to get the most nutrients possible at mealtime.

After becoming the First Lady, Obama is particularly exploring the epidemic of childhood obesity. She always tries to encourage healthy eating habits, child health and exercise.

Through her book, she encourages readers to try and grow their own edible gardens and above all, the profits from the book will go to the National Park Foundation.

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