Jungfernheide Park Fulfills Your Nostalgic Dream of Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing is a nostalgic passion for all of us. If you want to relive your childhood memories then come to Waldhochseilgarten where you are provided with an opportunity to climb along Berlin’s centenarian treetops.

The Waldhochseilgarten is situated at the heart of the peaceful Volkspark Jungfernheide, The People’s park. This heavenly site is only 15 minutes away from the West Berlin. You can reach there through the thick green forest road which is adorned with oaks, elms and maple trees.

The climbing park system consists of 12 climbing circuits; three for kids and nine for adults where you can relax and enjoy. Each circuit is labeled based on its degree of difficulty. Instructors are there to help you in climbing. Before going off to climb, hang or swing you have to tie and carefully listen to your instructor.

You don’t have to panic while climbing, because health and safety are the top priorities of the park. The park uses a self-protection Edelrid SmartBelay System. As per the system, if one carabiner is open the other carabiner realizes this and will not open — one is always attached to the safety cable.

The park also focuses on sustainability. The whole climbing park, including the cashier container, bicycle rack and seats, was built from European FSC Black Locust Wood provided by Eurobinia as a step to pay homage to the surrounding forest.

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