iTree: An iPhone Docking System Made from a Tree Trunk

ICFF, the North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design, pursuits latest trends which incorporates fascination, fun and a packed schedule of exhibits and features.

One among them is an iPhone docking system, an absurd accessory made from an entire tree trunk. This speaker system was introduced by KMKG, a Portugal-based design studio. You can’t ignore its larger-than-life design and bold sound.

The docking station is named as iTree. The entire tree has been hollowed out to create a suspended HiFi sound system.

Though the theme of the design is simply great, to build a docking system using a whole tree is unreasonable. And also the design doesn’t look sustainable because people upgrade their iPhones to new models within just few months.

We have to look at the fact that each tree station is a ready-made piece and you can order them by specifying the type of wood and length you want.

Instead of introducing a method that questions our peaceful existence with nature, the designers can make their product more attractive by making it with fallen trees, or perhaps by even giving discounts to people who supply their own reclaimed tree trunks.


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