Indian Consumers Prefer Eco-friendly Products

India, world’s one of the fastest growing economy, believes in eco-friendly products. As per the study organized by the Edelman goodpurpose in 2012, it is proved that the Indian population is supporting brands that uphold a societal issue.

The study reveals the fact that more than half of the Indian population is aware of brands or companies that give more importance to eco values than profit. This is comparatively high when you deal with the fact that only 31% of the global population is aware of eco products.

About 63% of Indian consumers admitted that they prefer socially conscious brands while purchasing. These consumers were happy to share their experiences and were ready to pay a premium for the brand.

Majority of the survey population promotes the importance of addressing societal issues. While dealing with social issues, Indian consumers feel that most credible spokesperson are people like themselves or the NGOs.

In fact, 78% of Indian consumers are personally involved with social issues and a large part of the population is using digital tools to communicate the social issues.

Though Indian economy is growing fast, India is facing issues in healthcare, education, quality drinking water and promotion of human and civil rights. That’s why Indian consumers are more inclined to support social issues.

The survey outcome suggests that Indian economy prefers brands which focus on making a positive difference to the world.

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